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Friday, April 17 2009
It's a pretty well known fact spring can be a great time of year for RV dealers and RV buyers alike.  First and foremost most areas across the country put on some sort of pre-season RV show to obviously show off the new inventory but also get an idea of what the level of interest will be when the real RV selling and buying season actually hits. 

Like any industry the type of demand changes every year with some years showing drastic changes and other years having at least a little consistency for a multi-year timeframe.  It doesn't look like consistency is in the cards for us this year.  While many RV dealers have realized great traffic on the $100k plus price range coaches during the past few years, I'm finding the bulk of demand has actually flip flopped to the lower priced units now.  I'm sure this has alot to do with the economy and the gas drama we experienced last year but what that means for the dealer out there is if they find their inventory chalked full of big expensive units...they may find sales lacking due to their inability to respond to the new demand. 

Those dealers who have already figured this out and have made room for lower priced units will fair better for sure.  It can actually be a smart move to unload some of that more expensive inventory now even if it's at a small loss so you can make room for inventory that will help you make a profit.  It's all about gaging the needs of your customers and now is a great time to make sure you have the floor plan that appeals to the type of customers you're expecting in the months to come. 

If you have inventory you need to push off the lot, why don't you get a bid here.  We might be able to help you unload some of that stuff so you can have what the masses want when they come to see you here within the next couple of months!

Catch ya later,

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