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Thursday, May 14 2009
How is it that GetABidNow can help some people sell their stuff more effectively than Ebay?  Well, we're not quite sure but we've found we're able to help some people get their RV's and such sold here who have actually given Ebay a run or two before they gave us a try. 

Now we're not about to say we're better than Ebay because quite frankly, their business model is COMPLETELY different than ours.  They depend on the masses.  We couldn't sell 100's of 1,000's of items a day even if we wanted to.  They couldn't give the personal attention to each customer like we can either though.  It's common understanding that the more "buyers" you have the higher the bid you should get on your property.  Today, it might be because markets are so crazy, people we know who are willing to spend a little more money don't have time to sort through the vast amount of inventory on an auction giant like Ebay. 

Hey, everybody's trying to figure out ways to stay a float in business and it just may not be very cost effective for dealers to spend hours and hours sorting through inventory that might work on their lot. 

Not to mention besides the dealers we have who bid on our stuff regularly, I'm constantly being approached by other dealers across the country looking for "something".  I have a pretty lengthy list of people I can contact even if it's something really out of the ordinary.  Now keep in mind, this is still a wholesale operation and unless somebody's REALLY lucky, I'm not going to be able to offer retail value on anything.  Of course everybody "wants" retail value but there are some people out there who want their RV's and such sold now and that's who we can help the most.

There have been a few cases where we've had past Ebay customers contact us after unsuccessfully selling their RV's and such, give us a try and actually make a deal happen.  On the surface it sounds like a true "David and Goliath" story when in fact it's just proof that when you take care of your customers, your customers take care of you.

So if you're auctioning something on Ebay, best of luck.  If it doesn't work out, you might give us a shot and see what we can do!

Catch ya later,


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