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Sunday, March 29 2009
If you read my last blog post, you learned I recently bid on a motorhome that hadn't been used in quite awhile.  When I made it to the place where the inspection took place, I was a little disappointed in the condition of the roof.  They had not done the routine maintenance leaving it susceptible to leaks and rot.  Fortunately for them, the rest of the unit was better than I expected so we were still able to do the deal at the offer I had given. 

Normally when you purchase a unit from a dealer somebody will usually share with you what you should do to keep your unit well maintained.  Many people are so excited about their future adventures they don't listen as intently as they should and some if not all of this maintenance can go by the wayside costing them in some cases thousands of dollars when they try to resell their unit.

Here's a short list of maintenance items you should be considering to keep your motorhome well maintained:
  • Reseal the roof
  • Keep tires off the ground and covered
  • Reseal windows
  • Keep under cover whenever possible
  • Don't smoke in them
  • Don't keep pets in them
  • Keep generator serviced
  • Keep engine serviced
  • Replace air conditioner filters
  • Keep proper air pressure in tires
Just by doing these 10 items can save you up to 1,000's of dollars when you resell your motorhome.  That may not be much for some people but in the market such as this, many people don't need any help with the depreciation of their unit. 

For more information regarding the value of your motorhome contact me direct!

Catch ya later,

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Friday, March 27 2009
I got a call last summer from the son in law of a gentleman who apparently had failing health.  He was trying to get rid of the motorhome for his father in law who was a little unrealistic as to what he thought it was worth.  We couldn't come to terms back then which is sometimes the case in a market that has declined as much as the motorhome market has during the past year.

He called again this past Monday to let me know he still had the motorhome but unfortunately his father in law had since passed.  At this point of the game they just wanted the unit out of their hair.  The market had continued to decline during the past several months.  Although I was unable to offer my original bid, he understood and we have come to terms provided the description of the unit is accurate. 

I don't see any signs of the motorhome market recovering anytime soon especially with the continued number of lenders who aren't lending, dealers and manufactures going out of business and the rise of foreclosed units hitting the market right now. 

If you want to sell your motorhome, today may be the best day to get it sold for the highest price.

Catch ya later!

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Thursday, March 26 2009
I've just been notified that we are having a few technical difficulties regarding submitting a bid.  If you have submitted a bid and I have not contacted you, it's because I haven't received it.  There are 2 things going on. 

  • Please make sure you're typing in the security code and clicking the "submit" button at the bottom of your bid form.
  • Sometimes that goofy security code isn't registering.  That can be a real downer and we're working on getting that code off so you don't have to fool with it. 
I really do want your business if I can be of assistance and you are always welcome to call.  Most of this stuff I know off the top of my head just to get the ball rolling. 

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.  Technology is GREAT except for when it isn't!

Catch ya later!

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Thursday, March 26 2009
I got a call Tuesday from a guy who's been trying to sell his motorhome for quite awhile.  We made the arrangements for me to check out his unit yesterday.  While talking with him and inspecting the motorhome he commented how tired he was of trying to sell it himself.  After my inspection I gave him an offer (which I usually leave open for a week or so).  He said he'd need to talk it over with his wife and would call me back in an hour. 

People normally want to talk the deal over with their spouse so I made sure he knew how to reach me and went on my way.  Most people call me back if they say they're going to.  It's not too often they drop off the face of the earth.  After about an hour he did call me back and said they would take my offer.  When I went back he mentioned the money was for a new kitchen. The bonus was that he owns an allignment shop and offered me a discount if I ever brought anything in. 

One of the best parts of my job is meeting people who do what they say they're going to do and still know how to truly network.  He knows he can share my name with any of his buddies and they'll be treated fair and I know where to send people for an alignment.

It doesn't get much better than that!

Catch ya later,

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Wednesday, March 25 2009
I got a call yesterday from a church in Ft Myers who had recently been given a Tradewinds motorhome as a charitable donation.  The church didn't have any use for something of that nature but they did want the money so they could put it towards some passenger vans to pick up some of their members who needed assistance attending service. One of their members suggested they give me a call to see if I could help them liquidate. 

After speaking with one of the board members and learning more about the unit, I gave a ballpark estimate and agreed to meet him in the afternoon to inspect the unit. 

The inspection proved everything to be in expected condition so I made an offer, it was accepted and the transaction was completed on site.

If your church or charity has donations that would be more useful if turned to cash, give me a call or click on the appropriate form on this site to get started!

Catch ya later!

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