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Thursday, April 16 2009
Our website is still pretty new...Oh heck, we just launched it last month but I'm happy to report we've already seen some great success.  When we sat down to determine how we wanted this website to work we expected people would be most interested in a fast, easy, cash transaction.  What we've learned is that it doesn't always work out that way but that's kinda neat too. 

For example, one of our very first bid requests was from a guy in Orlando who wanted to sell his 5th wheel.  He was trying to sell his unit because he had gotten a job offer out of state and wanted to unload it before he relocated.  The bid request was distributed to our approved dealers but unfortunately, the request didn't bring as much as the the seller was hoping.  That's happening a lot right now especially with the continued depreciation of most of the 5th wheel and motorhome inventory. 

Our mission is to get the highest bids possible for the current market but like a lot of stuff people are trying to sell, sometimes the level of interest is simply not there. 

Needless to say, the seller passed on the highest offer we presented and continued to try to sell it on his own for a few more weeks.  He didn't lose anything by giving us a shot so I wished him the best and he continued on his way.  He tried it on Ebay for the next couple of weeks but found he couldn't get a better offer than the one we gave him before. 

Fortunately, when he called us back there was still interest in the unit and we were able to still make him a deal.  This isn't always the case as sometimes our dealers move off of a particular product so although we can't guarantee the offer will stand for any time frame more than 7 days, sometimes we all get lucky.

We met, did the transaction and now that guy is on the road to his new job with a pocket full of cash to help him with his new start.

We can give you a free bid request too with no hard feelings if you don't accept our best offer.  We notice some of the stuff we bid on continues to show up on various websites and such. We are here for you if you want to give us another shot. We'll always try to help you should you call us back.  Helping you unload your stuff is what we do and we'll do our best to keep your information on file so we can make it easier for you the second time around.

Catch ya later,

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