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Wednesday, March 25 2009
I got a call yesterday from a church in Ft Myers who had recently been given a Tradewinds motorhome as a charitable donation.  The church didn't have any use for something of that nature but they did want the money so they could put it towards some passenger vans to pick up some of their members who needed assistance attending service. One of their members suggested they give me a call to see if I could help them liquidate. 

After speaking with one of the board members and learning more about the unit, I gave a ballpark estimate and agreed to meet him in the afternoon to inspect the unit. 

The inspection proved everything to be in expected condition so I made an offer, it was accepted and the transaction was completed on site.

If your church or charity has donations that would be more useful if turned to cash, give me a call or click on the appropriate form on this site to get started!

Catch ya later!

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