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Thursday, March 26 2009
I've just been notified that we are having a few technical difficulties regarding submitting a bid.  If you have submitted a bid and I have not contacted you, it's because I haven't received it.  There are 2 things going on. 

  • Please make sure you're typing in the security code and clicking the "submit" button at the bottom of your bid form.
  • Sometimes that goofy security code isn't registering.  That can be a real downer and we're working on getting that code off so you don't have to fool with it. 
I really do want your business if I can be of assistance and you are always welcome to call.  Most of this stuff I know off the top of my head just to get the ball rolling. 

Sorry for the temporary inconvenience.  Technology is GREAT except for when it isn't!

Catch ya later!

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