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Friday, March 27 2009
I got a call last summer from the son in law of a gentleman who apparently had failing health.  He was trying to get rid of the motorhome for his father in law who was a little unrealistic as to what he thought it was worth.  We couldn't come to terms back then which is sometimes the case in a market that has declined as much as the motorhome market has during the past year.

He called again this past Monday to let me know he still had the motorhome but unfortunately his father in law had since passed.  At this point of the game they just wanted the unit out of their hair.  The market had continued to decline during the past several months.  Although I was unable to offer my original bid, he understood and we have come to terms provided the description of the unit is accurate. 

I don't see any signs of the motorhome market recovering anytime soon especially with the continued number of lenders who aren't lending, dealers and manufactures going out of business and the rise of foreclosed units hitting the market right now. 

If you want to sell your motorhome, today may be the best day to get it sold for the highest price.

Catch ya later!

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